Board of Trustees

Mrs. Vandana Manjunath

Chairperson - Mrs Vandana Manjunath - +91 9742352598

Mrs Vandana Manjunath is a home-maker, an active social worker and Donor of the Land. She is involved in the development of Indian culture with enormous experience in Social Work.

Currently involved full time in theVaanaprastha and other trust activities.

Mr. CA BA Manjunath

Managing Trustee - Mr CA Manjunath B A - +91 9008065565

Mr CA BA Manjunath is a qualified chartered accountant, practicing independently in Bangalore from past 30 years. He is holding various positions in many social and spiritual organizations.

Mr. Banwarilal Sharda

Organising Secretary - Mr Banwarilal Sharda - +91 9980024886

Mr Banwarilal Sharda is an industrialist and a philanthropist having immense interest in service to human society.

Mr. Ananth R Inamdar

Secretary - Mr Ananth R Inamdar - +91 9448192022

Mr.Ananth R Inamdar is software professional working in Bangalore from 25 years. He is involved with developing Indian culture among youth. He is philanthropic and a helpful hand to the needy.

Mr. Raghunandan H S

Treasurer - Mr Raghunandan H S - +91 9886114486

Mr Raghunandan H S is businessman and holding various positions in many spiritual organizations.

Mr. Devendarnath B R

Trustee - Mr Devendarnath B R - +91 9341294490

Mr.Devendarnath B R is a Retired Post Master and a Prime donor to ArshaVidya Kendra Centre Bangalore having high regards to Old and Needy People.