A general physician visits the residents periodically. Vaanaprastha has qualified nursing personnel on duty. We have plans to be equipped with machines for oxygen supply, suction, wheelchairs, walkers, back rest, etc.

Only vegetarian food is provided at Vaanaprastha with simple South Indian items with the menu prepared under guidance of dietician.

Food consists of soft rice, chapattis, ragimudde, sambar with less salt and spice, simple vegetable dishes, salads, sprouted grams, curds, and fruits.

Special dishes and sweets shall be served during festivals and other celebrations.

Relatives of residents may visit Vaanaprastha once in a month only on Sundays between 10 am and 12 pm and between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm.

Other visitors who wish to have a look at the facility or to help the institution in any way may visit from 10 am to 6 pm any day of the week.

Residents are not permitted to not keep any money, jewellery or valuables with them.

Outside food will be strictly prohibited.

No, individual mobile phones shall not be allowed.

There will be regular Pooja and Bhajan classes in the mornings. As many of the inmates cannot go outside, indoor games such as carrom, chess, etc shall be provided for their leisure activities.

The library is equipped with plethora of spiritual, religious, fictional books. Inmates can go for a walk in the evenings.

FAQ's Donor

Vaanaprastha is one of its kind which provides service for free, we do not collect any money from inmates and destitutes who need support for their general care and medical assistance including medicines.

The institution receives no grants from the government or any funding agencies for looking after the destitute inmates.

Your donations will be wisely utilised to run the institution for fulfilling its daily requirements. The corpus will also be used to provide for medicines & other such facilities.

The destitute residents at Vaanaprastha will be benefitted from your donations.

You will get exemption under Section 80G of the IT Act 1961.

You may make payment by crossed cheques, demand drafts or by direct bank transfers. Details for the purpose of Bank transfer are provided in the "Support us" page of the website.

Donations in kind may include provisions of daily use such as rice, dals, pulses, oil, sugar, vegetables, milk, medicines etc.
Donations of cots, water beds, rexine beds, wheelchairs shall also be accepted.
Any kind of donation which can be used by the inmates shall be accepted accepted.

You can help us by spreading the word about the organisation among your circle of friends so that they too can help us to support our destitute residents, maybe by sponsoring a destitute for a fixed period of time, or by providing for their medicines. You may sponsor lunch / breakfast /dinner on happy occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

We will send the receipt by scan if the donor's email id is given. If the donor prefers receiving the receipt in hand, it will be sent by post to the address provided by the donor.